In English

X Milongas stand for a concept of open minded Tango Events, with traditional or neo music and for Specials like Tango y Poesia or a plethora of live music milongas with tango and nontango bands.

All X Milongas have one goal: make dancers happy AND broaden their horizons in various ways.

Peggy was also the first organizer to offer a complete pitchdark black milonga in all of Europe when she brought it in from BsAs in 2014. Today she has experience of many dark milongas and offers the most profound and safe experiments of dancing in the dark.


Neolonga X 100% non/neo/nuevo/electro every 2nd Saturday of each month from 21.00, WS with changing topics from 19.30  MUSIC: Peggy

Milonga X all traditional every 4th Saturday  of each month from 21.00, WS with changing topics from 19.30  MUSIC: Urban

Neolonga/ Milonga Xtra  for Dates see Termine


PEGGY djing since 3 years, dancing since ever, tango for 5 years approx,

offers a variety of non/neo/nuevo/contemporary tango-danceables to stretch your Tango and unleash the whole plethora of your emotions while dancing.

DJing as guest in Germany and Europe.

Regularly DJing at Neotangorave, Bremen,

aswell as Contemporary Tango Festival, Berlin

Neotangomarathon Ocho, Stuttgart,

Spätsommerfestival Lalotango, Stuttgart,

Roma Neotangomarathon,

Neolonga Lüneburg and others


URBAN DJing tradtitionally with a perfect feeling for the dancers and the ronda and rocking our local tango community in the best way in weekly and monthly Events.